What Can I Use For a Projector screen – Approved Methods In 2023

As time passes new technologies are emerging that are easing our lives in the best possible way that our forefathers could not think of. On of example of that thing as digital era is evolving with time we dealing more and more with screens, one time there was only possible thing to get digital image is T V but there are a lot more but projector are one the most important one. So for using a projector we can go with the projector screen that can be very expensive. At the same time we have many more options to project the image of the projector.

While using a projector for commercial or professional use. That requires a projecting screen to get the image of what we are projecting in the best way possible. If we talk about the prices they are expensive, while at the same time we can use DIY projectors screen very efficiently. We will discuss how to make a movie projector screen.

Here are some top picks if you want to buy a new one.

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Here I am going to discuss what I can use for a projector screen while using DIY technique. Here we are going to see how without speeding on expensive screens we can still enjoy our favorite TV shows, programs and Movies.

 Projector Screen Use for: 

In terms of how the projector screen can be used, there are basically two main ways to do so. It is here that we place our projector and it will project on image onto the wall so that we can enjoy the view by There is a sheet that is combined with a stand for that purpose.

In addition, addition, there are of screens like sliders that have motors built into them that can be used for that purpose. Basically speaking I personally don’t think that we should restrict ourselves to buying screens with projector, this is my personal preference.

When it comes to projector screens, it is important to keep in mind that the most important thing that must be taken into consideration is the fact that it must have a clear background with a smooth and flat surface, to be able to see the actual image clearly on the screen. In addition to that, it is without a doubt that we will follow the same rule when it comes to our DIY projector screen as well.

 Home-made Projector Screens: 

I personnel prefer to go with the homemade projector screens and at the same time many folks also want to save some bucks. In Spite this, many people still want traditional screens. Here I am going to discuss many methods to what can i use for a projector screen.

So the projector is pretty much easy to take it anywhere you want and tie with and use it simply for that purpose if we follow these instructions. While using it indoor it is very easy to turn it on and turn it where you want to face the image of the projector.

 Cheap Alternatives to Projector Screens 

Here is the time while we were waiting for, there are multiple ways to use I am going to discuss all in detail with requirements and the budget.

  1.  Empty Wall 

Empty Room White wall and wood brown floor, 3d render Illustration Background Texture

One of the cheapest you can call it free of cost is using a blank wall as your projector screen that can work really great as your projector screen. This is the most cost-effective thing and pretty straight forward.

You just need to set the projector in the room wherever you want to hang it and move the face of the projector towards the wall where you want to project the image.

In this there is more feasibility as it provides the facility to adjust the size of the screen, meaning there are no restrictions to fix at a certain number of pixels. Simply you can adjust the dimensions according to your needs and will.


There are multiple factors to keep in mind while using this type as it doesn’t require anything. In that way you can experience the best experience of the video quality. For the best experience you have to keep some things in mind.

Definitely, you are free to use the amount of wall you want but the image quality may not be desirable in the end. Keep in mind there must not be any kind of drawing or pictures on the wall where you are projecting the image.

The wall surface should be plain and stained as that may halt the overall enjoyment of the streaming. Removing all of them will end in the best image quality as of best viewable scene.

The wall color plays very vital in the overall experience of the streaming as if the color of is white that is good but still having the dim colors can work easily in this matter.

      2.  Sheet 

A simple sheet can easily work with it as an alternative to the wall as it can enhance the overall experience. As they are not so expensive as they go wall to wall and can give an enjoyable experience of real projector screens. Here I am going to discuss how to make a projector screen with a sheet.

The one and most important benefit of using the sheet over the wall is that you don’t need to worry about the color of the wall as which color it has. Because the wall will be easily covered with the help of the sheet.

By placing sheet if the desired place there will be hustle to see and adjust the smooth or plain surface of the background as it will be covered by the sheet.

The only foremost part of using the sheet is just to adjust as hanging it will the wall by some sort of pins. You just need to tuck the sheet with the solid pins and after that it is ready to use. While hanging the sheet you just need to take one thing in mind as it dont have any type of wrinkles or fold. As they can affect the performance.

Things to keep in mind

While selecting the sheet there are some things to keep in mind. Such as the thickness of the sheet as it will affect the performance. If the sheet is thin the light will reflect, and cross the sheet and the overall experience will be messed up. So, selecting a thick sheet is necessary.


If you don’t have a thick sheet to use but having thin sheets can still lead to good results. By placing layers of sheet on one another that will make a thick sheet out of few thin sheets.

      3.  WhiteBoard 

Both Sheet and the type of DIY ideas can work great for your personal use but when it comes to the professional use we have to keep certain things in mind. So we need to do some extra tasks and still be on budget. One of the most feasible things in it is very easy to move from one place to another as it doesn’t require as much hustle as a projector screen requires.

The glittery look of the whiteboard can work really well, having it make the overall process very much enjoyable to watch. Using it is very much similar to a projector screen. Just place it and adjust according to viewing angles and ready to use.


It is preferred to use in homes and personal use only not for the professional and offices use as it dont realistic type of experience of projector that much.

      4. Wrapping Paper 

You may have heard them as they used to wrap certain things, mainly gifts and school copies. They are very convenient especially as they have a smooth and glossy look that can perform very well as a projector screen. There are no difficulties. You can easily use wrapping paper as the projector screen.

The black side of the wrapping is very similar to the projector screen having a glowing surface that can easily replace it with a projector screen.

There is a little hustle while installing it for the first time. As it requires putting all the sheets together to make the full wall look like the real projector screen. That only require any type of glue that you may have at home and use it to put the papers together. And make the full look of the projector screen.

The wrapping paper is not very rare; you can easily find it on any stationary store near to your house.


There are only a few things to keep in mind. While applying any type of adhesives or tapes to put wrapping papers on the wall. As it is very easy to put wrinkles or folds on the paper. So you need to be very cautious while applying the glue. Or type of type to put the wrapping papers on the wall.

      5. Roller Curtain 

Roller blinds can work greatly in this aspect as they can be usable. As a projector screen and it doesn’t require any type of hustle to use it as a projector. At the same time it doesn’t require any extra space for this to take place. It don’t specifically required any type of
windows where to place fix roller blinds.

It is very beneficial as it looks really like a projector screen rolling up and down, and uses it effectively. Use it as a projector screen and just flip up the blinders when you are done using it.

Things to keep in mind

There is not so much to consider while using roller blinds as a projector screen. But still the size of the blinds affects the overall experience of enjoying any type of streaming’s. You need to fit the blinds according to the desired view.

As I discussed a few alternatives of the projector screens. Before this one is a bit expensive but not as much as a real projector screen. You need to buy simple rolling blinds considering only one thing. The color that must not be so aggressive such as any type of dark color.

 How can I enhance the overall experience of DIY projectors? 

The processes and components we used are very much common as you can easily find them in every home. While using different things as sheets, wrapping paper. And  rolling blinds there is one thing to consider: how much space you require to project the image.

In all the upper methods it was not specified that we should use this much space on the wall. Here I am going to discuss how we can enhance the overall performance by using simple tactics.

We just need a type of frame like where we fit our image on the wall. Or on blinds at the same time we are not going to buy any specified piece of frame. Here we are going to use a simple black tape. To stick around the corners of the desired place of view. That will give a very immersing experience by improving the viewing image.


What can I use for a projector screen? Here I have discussed the four methods that will lead you to use certain things as a projector. That includes Wrapping paper, Sheet, Rolling blinds and simple walls. All these methods are very budget efficient. Where you can take a real feel of the projector screen without spending a heavy amount on it.

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