How to Project Laptop Screen on Wall Without Projector – Full Guide 2023

Images or any type of media can easily be projected on any type of wall by just using a projector. Either you are a gamer or media lover that is very efficient to use the wall to project. The image quality may affect it a little bit but it will still rock if you got a better projector option. Projecting Laptop or phone screen on wall without projector is not difficult now.

Projecting any type of media on any type of wall will be just a cup of tea after following these steps that are given below. Here are multiple ways that I am going to discuss like using Flashlight, Smart phone and setting up their adjustments. While projecting laptop screen to projector the audio quality may be halted that’s you need to check nice audio output for them


Here I will discuss how you will end up projecting a laptop screen to the wall without a projector in detail and follow these steps.

 How to Project Laptop Screen on Wall Without Projector 

If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to use a smartphone as a projector by following the steps below. You might be thinking of smartphones used for the internet or socializing, but in the last few years, a lot of new things have emerged. many new things that have surfaced in a short period of time.

It’s important to note that smartphones cannot function as projectors right out of the box. However, with some preparation, we can turn a name-brand projector into a viable option for this purpose. By following the steps outlined below, you can easily set up your smartphone to work with a projector.

Once you have completed all the steps, you will be able to project your phone screen on a wall without the use of a projector at the end of the process. As a starting point, let’s take a look at a few things, and here are some of the things that we need to consider:

  • Mirror
  • Black matte paint or pure black paper
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Double sided tape
  • Brush and Glue
  • Any type of Box, i-e shoe box
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Knife or scissors


       1. Use Box with the Mirror 

Firstly, put both magnifying glass and the mirror in that order to get a bigger image of the view that can enhance the overall experience. The role of magnifying glass is very vital as it enlarges the viewing image.

While talking about the properties of the box that should be a bit larger, that’s where you can easily adjust the distance between Lens and the phone. And the size of the mirror should be equalize to the size that will generate best results.



       2. Blacking out Interior of the Box 

In this step firstly go with the Lid of the box, cut it because there is no use of it. Now if we place a mobile phone behind the magnifying glass the image will be ok but the light will disperse in all directions, that will lead to not a better experience.

So, for that we need black all the interior to get a focused view of our favourite scenes. For that purpose we got Black Matte paper and Glue, so now go ahead and paste the glue on all the internal sides of the box to fully fill it with it. Then place the Black Matte paper on it to make it fully black.



If you don’t have Black Matte paper simply paint the box from inside that be pocket friendly thing as you may have any leftover paint from home renovations.

       3. Deploying the Lens into the Projector 

Here in this step you just got to put the Lens aligned to magnifying as you need to remove the handle of the magnifying glass that may cause problems further.

After that if there are any parts of magnifying that are exceeding the main view of Lens, cut that part with the help of a precision knife.

 Make a whole for the phone: 

On this part, you will need to make a manual, adjustable focus for your phone screen. this step will entail you making and using a second box that needs to be complimentary to the first box.

   4. Adjust the Focus for Phone 

In order to focus the image using a phone that can easily be moved in order to settle down the precision of the image. But in order to get better results like improving the focus you just have to adjust another box having some setting as follows:

  • Take another Box
  • Make four sheets of black paper that fits all sides of box
  • Fit that sheets on all sides
  • Make connection of all black papers by combining them with glue

Here you go now the inner surface size increased and can get very viewable thing with increased focus.

       5. Install mirror in Projector 

Right we are getting the image that projected bigger having focused view but that is reverted, Obviously not viewable having the left view to right and upside to downside.

Here we are going to make the image viewable and make it right using just a mirror. All you need to do is place the mirror 45-degree tilted against the edge opposite of Lens.


Turn off the auto-rotation mode in settings that can affect the view of the image.

       6. Add some entrance window for phone 

Till step 5 we are done with creation of the custom projector. This step is optional as add the window in the projector box where you can enter and place the phone.

In other ways you can renovate the outer side of the box by implementing your creativity and making it cool.

 Final Words: 

While frankly speaking this not projector for professional use but it can work great for personal and the person who can’t afford a new one and want that classy and bigger view while sitting on couch it can work very precisely.

By using these methods that are very cool and very much appealing to children. And they love that experience while staying on budget. So here is the way to project on the wall.

 Projecting an Image Using Flash Light: 

While using the flash light we can do the projection of the image onto the wall. Here are a few things to follow that will lead to how to project the image on the wall using the flash light.

Firstly get a flashlight, turn it on and place it towards the wall and place a magnifying glass in between the magnifying glass and the wall.

Turning the light of the flashlight will give the image magnifying glass. On the wall that can easily be adjustable by moving the magnifying glass both in forward and reverse direction. Thanks for reading.

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