How to Use a Projector Outside During the Day – (Working Method)

To use a projector during the day time, you can make sure that projector can emit 3000+ lumens. You must make a shadow in day time for better result especially in summer. because weather condition is very effective for any instance. Due to poor climate, oppositely rain and water can cause your projector to break down. You must pick the right time of day, the best time in the day is early morning and before sunset.

There are plenty of factors that may affect the craze of using the projector outside during the daytime. So, while enjoying the cinematic scenes of your favorite movie outside the image quality can be disturbed. That may include bad weather conditions, Low Lumens (Light Unit that represents the intensity of light from a specific source) than another light source you can call Sun or any other light source.How to Use a Projector Outside During the Day

 Using a Projector Outside 

We all love Sunlight as it is beneficial for us to boost Vitamin D deficiency in our body while we enjoy doing our favourite activities simultaneously. Hanging projector can be very difficult task because that require a lot of care and expertise. However, while using it, the experience can be halted by a higher Lumen of Sunlight(increased intensity of Sun) than the projector. Therefore, it is crucial to select the right time to watch a projection screen while sitting outside. In daytime projection screen may be dim, so in Summer, it will be challenging to manage sitting in Sunlight but taking timely precaution will not affect the appetite of watching.

 What type of screen are used for? 


  • Your projector is strong reflective display.
  • Having more than 3000 lumens.
  • These projectors are helpful in weather conditions especially in summer season.

 Picking feasible time 

Picking a good time for the watching is so essential the best time of viewing a projector on outside is in the early morning and in the evening as that will significantly affect your experience as; if the light of the Sun has more intensity, your experience will not be according to expectations. If the weather is cloudy, you can use low lumens in cloudy season you are in luck, but if the light intensity of the Sun is so high, you must require high lumens over 4000 lumens are require in hot weather you can take precautions to cover the projecting screen from the top so as not to get so much interference from light directly.

 Take a look at the screen 

So one other but also the supreme matter that may halt is the dusty screen.  if the screen is dirty then they made not a good effect to the viewers. Yes, that may affect the light-emitting intensity from the projector if the screen view is not clear. There are multiple ways this dust may affect performance, as filters that may directly contact outer space and hold dirt. To get out of it is to clean the filter and screen to get the image possible.


we must use those type of screen which have a strong reflective display and having more than 3000 lumens for good view. if any projector which have a low lumens they can’t works in the open atmosphere. Inflatable projector are good for outdoor area and if you need a cheaper and easy to install a projector then inflatable screen projector are good for you.

  • Your projector is strong reflective display.
  • Having more than 3000 lumens.
  • These projectors are helpful in weather conditions especially in summer season.
  • Inflatable Projector screen are good for outdoor area and if you need a versatile, easy, cheap, and fast solution to watch your movie in your outdoor area, inflatable screens are for you.
  • Inflatable Projector screen are portable.
  • Another type of projector is tripods Projector screen these are inexpensive and easy to install and easy to move.
  • Another type of projector is huge projector screen these screens requires big wall and that is used for big gathering and these are not easy projector because it requires more space and more time to manage.
  • Another type of projector is Epson home cinema 1060 full HD 1080p. and these projectors are good for outdoor because this screen has high lumens and it include 3 LCD technology and is 25 times bigger than 60inch tv.

 Factors affect mainly 

  • Choosing the place plays very vital role as well as selecting the wall projector screen can be very great. While figuring out other issues while using the projector outside the home in open space may be in the backyard or maybe in the basement, you need to keep these things also in mind as:
  • Getting lower resolution will negative impact on the viewers.
  • Size of the Projection screen
  • Amount of light required to get a viewable image.
  • That the higher you go in resolution, the greater you will spend the money on the projector.
  • You must require a projector and an empty wall cover with white piece of cloth

 Size of the Projection screen 

There are different types of projectors available in the market with other screens. As the size of the screen is bigger, it will require a high amount of Lumens(There are different types of Lumens as ANSI Lumens) to be fitted in it and vice versa. Therefore, while using the projectors outside of the house, you need to keep in mind the number of Lumens will be higher than the standard ones. You can take a number as a minimum of 4200 Lumens, and higher are good to go with for your ease. different types of projector that are used outside during the day time Inflatable Projector screen, tripods Projector screen ,huge projector screen ,Epson home cinema 1060 full HD 1080p and view sonic 1080p short throw projector . these projectors are good in outside during the day time.


  1. Getting a good projector.
  2. Get good screen view.
  3. Choose a good location.
  4. Make a good time.


IN conclusion, you can definitely use a projector in the day time but they require more lumens, because more number of lumens .

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