How To Hang Projector Screen With Ceiling Or Wall? (2023)

Buying a projector is definitely is hectic task as I have written a lot of posts on this blog but still after buying and handling in the best way is still a difficult task. When you get home after buying a projector then it comes to settle things up. Hanging the projector screen is one of the tricky parts, not so difficult by a bit technical. A ceiling projector screen will be perfect so for ,No everyone interested in wall projector because it is little bit difficult than ceiling projector.

Use a wall projector if you have a lot of space. If there are loose fittings, it is a difficult task as there is a possibility that the projector could be damaged as a result of the loose fitting. The purpose of this article is to explain how to hang a screen from the ceiling.

Now after getting a projector and setting up in the best place where you wanted and it’s time to add a new projector screen to the scenes. If that is not handled perfectly that will end up by falling and getting scratches on it. After falling, yes it is still usable but that will not look cool


 How to Hang a Projector Screen – on the Wall or Ceiling 

Today I will discuss how to handle multiple things and get best results by hanging the projector screen either on the wall or ceiling. If you follow my given guidelines that will be in great results.

Before landing in this you need to know there different types of projector screens. Some are best for ceiling and some are specifically for walls to provide good results. Now if you are going to buy, before buying you need to keep in mind which place is feasible for you either on the wall or ceiling.

Here are the steps:

  1.  Setting Up projector screen 

The very first step in hanging the projector is to set up the projector in the right way that will not fall and get any type of damage.

There are bracket connectors on the top of the screen that hold the projector in the right position. These connectors can be seen while installing the screen. So you don’t need to worry about it falling anyway.

 What you need 

While setting up here are some things you need to keep with you to set up.

  • Eyebolts
  • hook snaps
  • Ladder
  • screws
  • screws driver
  • wall hanging brackets
  • marker and measuring tape.

Eyebolts are specified types of screws having the loop ending, while hook snaps as the name says are hooks that snap open and close.

 Setting up 

  • You got bracket connectors on top so screw up those eyebolts with those connectors.
  • Grab the hook snaps and snap them on the eyebolts loop.

 Keep in mind 

As explained earlier that there are a lot of different types of projector screens their main motive is same there handling may be different. As the process of setting up is explained, maybe some projector screens come preinstalled with this.

2.  Setting up Ceiling 

Till now you set up a projector screen now it’s time to hang it with the wall or ceiling. For that you need to do some configuration on the wall. For hanging you need screws either maybe toggle bolts or eyebolt screws. Here is how to Project Laptop Screen on Wall Without Projector.

You should not hang your projector screen near a window or door, because you need to be able to watch your best movie with full focus on your screen. It is not advisable to hang your hammock in a place where lightning can affect your view.

This is one of my suggestions: you can also use other types of screws to make it hold to the wall, but I think you should use these ones because they are the most effective. They can hold weight in the most effective possible way. As a result, the overall process will be very safe as a result of that.

There are two types of screws that I am going to fix the projector screen. Maybe you got one type of them that will perform well in your case. Here is the best way to hang the projector screen.

 Using Eyebolts 

These bolts are very feasible to use and convenient. Here is how you can hang the projector screen with the wall using eyebolts.

Simply twist the bolts through the ceiling and connect the hook that is attached with the screen and make it hang with ease.

 Using Toggle Bolts 

Hanging the projector screen is not a big deal using Toggle Bolts but you need to notice certain things to maintain security of not falling on ground. That is only possible when you follow the instructions strictly. Here is also a video at the end that will guide you.

First of all before starting you need a ceiling hook to hook the screen with the ceiling as they are best in case of hanging anything horizontally with the ceiling. Follow these steps to hang the projector with toggle bolts.

  1. Take any type of drill to make a hole in the ceiling that can fit toggle bolts.
  2. Remove the cover from bolts and insert them in holes of ceiling.
  3. Round the wings back and make sure to do at least 3 rounds to knot it tight.
  4. Make a folding of wings and tuck inside the ceiling.
  5. Now the hook is usable to hang the screen with it.

 Where to Hang Projector Screen? 

Now when you have completely gone through how to hang the projector screen but still there is one question where to hang the projector what is the best place and best performing place will be?

You need to keep in mind whether you want to hang it on the wall or ceiling when on ceiling at which place of ceiling to place. Here we are going to discuss in depth. As you know the hooks are strong that may damage the ceiling so you need to keep in mind that the ceiling and wall are strong enough to handle the sturdiness and weight of the screen.

When it comes to the ceiling that may be damaged with the screen as if the ceiling could not hold it right. For that purpose you need to look at the frames of the ceiling that will be strong that are holding the ceiling.

Just simply search for the frames that are behind the ceiling then you are good to go with putting them with frames. There are two ways to find it:

  • Use a Stud Finder: move the machine on the ceiling where it blinks red that means there is metal. You have found the stud.
  • Use a Magnet: Take a magnet simply move it on the ceiling where it will stick that means we got our destination. And can hang with the help of that.

Once you found the stud at the exact same spot where you wanted to hang then you are lucky as just make connection with studs and hang. What if you don’t get studs at the desired place? You might be thinking of how to mount a fixed projector screen on drywall? It’s not a big deal to add wooden planks under the drywall and you are good to go.

 How Can I Measure Projector Screen? 

The next step is to measure. Measuring correctly is so important. Do not try to rush through it.

  1.  Place Measurements 

The placing measurements can be obtained in 2 easy steps.

  • Make sure the screen brackets are spaced evenly apart. The length of the screen could be the entire length or shorter.
  • For the ceiling, use the same measurement and note the exact spot where you want it.

2.  Screen Measurements 

You need to get the best optimal screen for your ceiling that must not be so high as well as not so low even that it touches the ground.

Make sure your screen can extend all the way to the floor if your ceiling is high. Ideally, on the ground, but at least to an appropriate viewing height.

You have more options to choose from if your ceiling is average height. Projector screens most often have average ceiling heights in mind.

Before deciding on a screen, measure your area, find one that fits, and plan it out fully. When I was setting up projector for Netflix I noticed you to keep size in mind very precisely to get best result.

 Final Thoughts 

Whether you want to hang your projector screen on a wall or ceiling, both of these options are very simple. You just need to set up the screen first before hanging it on the wall or ceiling. As soon as you have done that, you will just need to add hooks to the wall or ceiling and then you can connect them very easily. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you find it helpful in some way. Thanks for reading our blog.

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