How Much Power Does a Projector Consume? – Quick Guide in 2023

As adopting new technologies everyday, most of them are converting to electricity as the prices are getting low. When it comes to projector they work on electricity as now most things are running on electricity cars are one of them so saving the electricity is important for that purpose we must know how much power does a projector consume? In this article we will discuss about How Much Power Does a Projector Consume?

We will discuss how to measure how much power the projector consumes in this post. You can then determine the wattage. A good way to maximize power is to adjust the brightness of the display while keeping an eye on its performance at the same time. In parallel.


 How Many Watts Does a Projector Use? 

Projectors come in different formats like having different numbers of Lumens that produce brightness and sizes. If we go the typical type of projector that may have a 300-inches size having a price of 500 bucks. Still the power consumed by the projector not only depends on size but also its features like which of it. Like having LED, Laser or Lamps output and results may vary in all cases. Projector electricity consumption ranges to as low 150 watts and highly 800 watts, on an average model they use over 300 watts electricity. Here we will discuss How Much Power Does a Projector Consume and how  many watts does a projector use?

 Estimated Power Consumption By Different Mediums In Projectors. 

There are many medium used by projectors and These are LED, Laser, DLP and Battery powered that I am going to discuss below.

 LED Projector 

This term should be familiar to you since it refers to an electronic device that emits high-quality light with low power consumption. It might be in the back of your mind to wonder How Much Power a Projector Consumes and how much power this component will consume, as this is an important factor when considering other specifications as well.

As a result, LEDs consume the least amount of power in comparison with all the other light emitting components on the market. As a result, your electricity bill will be based on the lowest Wattage.

A typical LED uses from 30-140W depending on features of the projector. If we take an example, one of the best performing LED projector units, the ViewSonic M2e consumes 54 watts.

 viewsonic M2e

9.4/10 Our Score
  • Mounting Type: Table mount to wall mount or ceiling mount
  • Brand: ViewSonic
  • Wattage: 54 watts

 DLP Projectors 

One of the oldest techniques to project light is DLP, this was used long ago but still a large amount of projectors manufacturers are still using it. They produce 6-7x brightness from traditional LED projector but at the same time they are electricity killers.

The only downside of DLP projectors is they consume too much energy in comparison to its competitors. On average they consume 170-350W.

Electricity consumption of any projector depends on its specifications and technology. As I stated earlier, they use old technology that will ruin your electricity bill but there are a number of people that use this type of projectors who are worried about their bill.

Other than raising the electricity bill they come up with one thing that may halt its performance is Lamp life. An average life of a DLP projector is 2200-3500 hours that can only be used 3-4 hours in one go.

One of the good DLP projector named as ViewSonic WXGA that runs on 260W. Most of the power is consumed by the 200W bulb.

Units of measurement

When it comes to measuring projector power output, there is a standard unit of measurement called watts (e.g., W). Watts are used for quantifying the rate at which energy transmission occurs in most consumer grade electronic products- this includes televisions and computer monitors as well! Another term that you may have heard before when talking about electronics? Kilo watt or 1Kw – these signify even higher rates than kilo volts; 1000/1kW means one thousandth greater amount transmitted per second .

ViewSonic WXGA

9.4/10 Our Score

  • Hardware Interface: HDMI
  • Brand: ViewSonic
  • Wattage: 260 watts

 Laser Projectors 

Both LED and DLP projectors use different technologies to project light from the projector but when it comes to Lasers they are the best in all three types. As they resolved the issue of electricity comparison to DLPs because they are very eco friendly and consumed very low power.

This type of projector uses Laser Beam as its source of light. That is very user friendly in both sense as electricity and long life. They are also very safe to use in any type of circumstances.

It consumes power up to 250W that is very effective if we compare with the DLP but when it comes to LED that is very competitive. But it comes with a lot of fixings like improved life and long lasting better experiences.

The one of the top models in Laser type is LG HU70LA as its 360W power in normal circumstances, with brightness adjustment options. That relies on much power it will consume.


9.4/10 Our Score
  • Hardware Interface: Bluetooth
  • Brand: LG
  • Brightness : 1500 Lumen

 Battery-Powered Projectors 

The Battery powered projectors are of new type like mobiles they have batteries that can be recharged and also they are called pico projectors. Just like mobile phones they have batteries connected internally with components providing backup.

They are kind of smart projectors having low potency as they run a battery that consumes 20-90W of electricity. But if you want to go outside with a projector that is also possible as they can provide up to 90 minutes backup.

When talking to charging projectors here is the ViewSonic mini that can meet a lot of your typical requirements and can provide 1.5v hour backup. It works on 8W power that is very less as it will consume low power when run on direct electricity as well as on battery.

ViewSonic M1 Mini

9.4/10 Our Score

  • Hardware Interface: USB
  • Brand: ViewSonic
  • Wattage: 2 watts
Here is one of the best charging projector named LG PF50KA that costs around 440$ which runs on 65W power. As having a bigger battery no matter not of wattage it consumes it can still provide 2.5 hours backup.


9.4/10 Our Score

  • Hardware Interface: USB
  • Brand: LG
  • Battery Backup: 2.5 hours

How Much Power Does a Projector Use?

Here is the table that can give you an idea how much a projector consumes.

Projector Type Power Consumption
LED 40-150 Watts
DLP 140-350 Watts
LASER >250 Watts
Chargeable 10-80 Watts

 Best Way to Measure the Power Consumption of Your Projector 

Finding How Much Power Does a Projector Consume is consuming is not a big task but a little bit tricky.  Here are the few steps that you should follow along if you want to get exact numbers.

1.  Check Wattage Of Projector 

The first step of calculating your electricity consumption of the projector is to check what wattage of projector you are using.  If you find it, simply google it with the title as if you want to find wattage of any projector. Simply type projector xyz wattage? You will find your results.

2.  Estimate Usage Per Day  

Estimation of this is pretty simple; you just need to get an idea how much you are using the projector. That may vary from day to day for that you can average how many hours you are using your projector.

To get estimation per day you have to just multiply the wattage and number of hours you are using. For example if you are using 3 hours per day and your 100 Watts projector how much power you are consuming per day. That is simple multiplication of both 3*100=300 Watts. Yes you are consuming 300 Watts per day.

3.  Convert Watts into KiloWatts  

Almost every electric company calculates electricity in kilowatts. Therefore, we will need to convert these watts that we have already determined into Kilowatts. This is because almost every electric company calculates electricity in kilowatts. We need to convert watts into Kilowatts in order to accomplish this task.

Conversion is very straightforward: just convert these Watts to Kilowatts by just dividing them by 1000. For example in the upper case we get 300 watts if we convert 300 to kilowatts as 300/1000 =0.3 Kilowatts.

4.  Get Exact Numbers 

So now we can calculate how much electricity our projector is using. For that you need to see your electricity bill for how much cost you are giving for 1 Kilowatts.

For example you are giving 10$ for 1 Kilowatt. We already got how much we our projector is consuming for that you simply multiply 0.3 on both sides to get your prices. As 10*0.3=1*03

We got 3$ = 0.3 Kilo watts. Here we got our consumption of a projector per day as 3 dollars because it is using .3 Kilowatts at a rate of 10$ per kilowatt.

 How can I figure out the power of my projector? 

1.  Contact Customer Care 

If you cannot figure it out by yourself you can contact the customer care and support number that will be given on the box or or tag clipped with a projector. They can just come and do an exact reading for you.

2.  Buy Watt Measuring Machine 

There are plenty of machines that can be used to measure how much power is used . You can use a watt machine for that. Simply connect the projector electric output with the machine and check at last how much power has been consumed.

 How to count Kilowatt-Hour Consumption Manually? 

1.  Check Reading on Meter 

Before starting check the reading on the meter that shows how many units are already used.

2.  Note that Reading 

Now note how many units have already been consumed?

3.  Use Projector For 1 Hour 

Power off all the electric things and use the projector for exact 1 hour

4.  Take Last Reading 

After 1 hours take the reading of the projector and see how many units are increased.

That will be the number of units used and multiplied with the rate. You will get what is per hour running cost of the projector.

 Final Words 

Knowing exactly how much money you need to spend on your projector after you’ve measured the power consumption can be very helpful. Several projectors may require more power than others, so keep that in mind. Remember to contact customer support if you cannot figure out the power of your projector. It is also possible to buy watt meters online, which provide very useful information about how much power you consume.

In this all blog we will discuss the best way How Much Power Does a Projector Consume?

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