7 Best Projectors Under $100 in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Selecting Best Projector with this price tag can be crucial. There are a lot of things where we need to focus while purchasing a projector but here I am going to focus mainly on the price tag that we set at 100$ with quality products. Honestly speaking there are a lot of options in this price tag because most projector buyers keep this price range.

Today I will suggest which were the best projectors in my consideration that I have used and impressed by them. In this article we will discuss Best Projectors Under $100 – Expert’s Recommendations. In this blog we will discuss about Best Projectors Under $100.

 7 best projectors under $100 

As the old adage goes, “you get what you pay for.” Of course, in these times of economic hardship, it’s hard to justify spending more than $100 on a projector these days. The good news is that there are some decent models out there that do not break the bank. Throughout this post, we will take a look at five of them and show you how they compare side-by-side with each other and what we can learn from them.



AuKing Mini Projector – Best Choice Under 100$

  • Hardware Interface VGA, USB, HDMI
  • Mounting Type Tabletop
  • Brand Auking
  • Wattage 50 watts
  • Brightness 2600 lumen
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CiBest Video Projector – Best Lifespan Projector

  • Hardware Interface VGA, USB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio
  • Mounting Type Wall Mount
  • Brand CiBest
  • Brightness 7500 Lumens
  • Controller Type Remote Control
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ELEPHAS W13 Projector – Best Tripod Mounted Projector

  • Model Name W13
  • Hardware Interface VGA, HDMI
  • Mounting Type Table Mount Tripod Mount Ceiling Mount
  • Brand ELEPHAS
  • Wattage 60 watts
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ManyBox Mini Projector – Best Image Projector

  • Model Name V503
  • Hardware Interface VGA, USB
  • Brand ManyBox
  • Brightness 3500 Lumen
  • Controller Type Remote Control
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PVO Mini Portable Projector – Best Mini Projector

  • Hardware Interface HDMI, USB 2.0
  • Brand PVO
  • Controller Type Remote Control
  • Display resolution 800 x 480
  • Item Weight 0.7 Pounds
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GROVIEW Outdoor Movie Projector – Best Stereo Projector

  • Hardware Interface USB, HDMI
  • Mounting Type Ceiling Mount
  • Brand Groview
  • Wattage 48 watts
  • Controller Type Remote Control, Button Control
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7500Lumens Mini Projector – Best Multimedia Projector

  • Brand Projector
  • Hardware Interface VGA, USB, HDMI
  • Data Link Protocol USB
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 AuKing Mini Projector – Best Choice Under 100$ 

You should consider the AuKing Mini Projector if you are looking for a projector on a budget. The projector is not only affordable, but it also boasts features that are usually found in much more expensive projectors. The 2600 lumens and 50 watts of power in this television will provide an excellent viewing experience for any occasion, regardless of the occasion.

If you want sound with your movie, you don’t need to use headphones or external speakers. The projector has a built-in speaker. With its tabletop design, you can set it up virtually anywhere in seconds! This device only weighs 2 pounds, so it’s convenient for traveling! This small yet powerful projector will give you years of enjoyment at an affordable price.

  • 2600 lumens, 50 watts of power
  • Watch movies with friends and family.
  • Surround yourself with a big screen wherever you go.


 CiBest Video Projector – Best Lifespan Projector 

Looking for a projector to enjoy movies, TV shows, and other media on the giant screen? Look no further than the CiBest Video Projector. With a lifespan of 10,000 hours, an easy to wall mount design, 7500 lumens of brightness to project those images from up to 120 feet away, and a remote control included to make it easier to adjust settings from a distance. The CiBest Video Projector has all the features you need for a great movie-watching experience.

  • 10,000 hours of lamp life.
  • Easy to wall mount design.
  • Enjoy movies on the giant screen!

 ELEPHAS W13 Projector – Best Tripod Mounted Projector 

The ELEPHAS W13 Projector is a great choice for those looking to buy a projector that will do the job without breaking the bank. It’s available in different colours, has smart features like USB and HDMI ports, and can be mounted on either your table or ceiling. With 60 watts of brightness, you’ll get an enjoyable viewing experience no matter where you are.

  • Reasonable Price.
  • Multiple Mounting options.
  • high quality experience.
  • Rip off, this device sucks


 ManyBox Mini Projector – Best Image Projector 

Many people buy a projector for the first time and are disappointed to find that it’s much smaller than they had imagined, but when you compare the price of this device with other models in its class, you’ll see why it deserves consideration.

The ManyBox Mini Projector is small and lightweight enough to carry around. It has a few features that make it an attractive option: 3500 lumens, remote control and VGA/USB input. You can also use this projector as a webcam or mirror because of its built-in camera and screen. The only downside is that if you’re looking for something with more power (such as 4K resolution), then this model isn’t right for your needs.

In addition to having a high lumen count, the ManyBox Mini Projector has a large projection screen. You can simply connect your laptop or mobile device and watch videos, play games and even work on projects from anywhere you choose with this small projector.

  • Portable and lightweight.
  • 3500 Lumens with a large projection screen.
  • Watch videos from anywhere you choose.
  • bright and quiet, everything else is horrible

 PVO Mini Portable Projector – Best Mini Projector 

Projecting your laptop, smartphone or tablet onto any wall or screen has never been easier or more affordable. The PVO Mini Portable Projector is one of the best projectors under $100 on the market today. With its remote control and built-in speakers, you’ll have all the tools you need to entertain friends at a party with no problem. Plus, it can be easily transported for business presentations anywhere in the world!

The PVO Mini Projector is the best mini projector because it has a wide variety of inputs to support any source you can imagine. A high-quality HDMI port allows you to plug in your laptop, smartphone or tablet without the hassle of extra adapters or cords. It also comes with an easy-to-use remote control for added convenience and functionality. While the built-in speaker ensures you’re never without sound, if you want an even bigger and better audio experience, just plug in external speakers via the standard headphone jack.

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Portable and lightweight design.
  • Great for business presentations.
  • Terrible picture quality

 GROVIEW Outdoor Movie Projector – Best Stereo Projector 

There is no need to be concerned about the weather when you want to enjoy a movie night with friends or family. With the GROVIEW Outdoor Movie Projector, rain and wind won’t spoil your fun! This projector has an IP66 waterproof rating so it can handle anything mother nature throws at it.

The GROVIEW Outdoor Movie Projector is also lightweight and portable so it’s easy to take on trips for those spontaneous movie nights in the woods! It is perfect for outdoor use because of its high lumens, which means that even if there are trees blocking some of your view. There will still be a good picture! Plus, the Grávida has an auto fix keystone and can even detect and adjust images that aren’t perfectly perpendicular.

  • Enjoy a movie night with friends or family anywhere.
  • It’s lightweight and portable so it’s easy to take on trips.
  • Feel like you’re in the theatre at home.
  • Center is focused, corners are always out of focus

 7500Lumens Mini Projector – Best Multimedia Projector 

Are you looking for the right projector for your needs? There should be no doubt that the projector that you choose will provide you with excellent brightness, color quality, and detail. It is also advisable to choose something that is small enough to be taken on a trip or easy to set up at home if you will be going on a trip. Here is a list of recommendations that we have compiled for your convenience.

This projector is perfect for business presentations, home theatre, and gaming. With high resolution and brightness of 7500 lumens, it offers great image quality. It also has a variety of ports, including VGA, USB, and HDMI, so you can easily connect to most devices. Plus, at only a few pounds, it’s easy to carry or put on a table. The best part? You can get this projector for under $100.

  • Great image quality.
  • Variety of ports, including VGA, USB, and HDMI.
  • Easy to carry or put on a table.
  • Picture Clarity

 Final Words 

If you’re looking for the best projector under $100, we’ve found some great options. The AuKing Mini Projector is a favourite because of its wide variety of inputs and remote control with built-in speakers. It can be easily transported or set up at home with an easy to use setup process that takes only minutes! If you want something even more portable and lightweight, take a look at the GROVIEW Outdoor Movie Projector which comes in around 3 pounds and has high lumens that will work well anywhere outdoors without any problems. We hope this article helped you find your perfect mini projector today!

  • No need to worry about inputs, this projector is compatible with a wide variety of sources
  • Lightweight and portable so it’s easy to take on trips or carry around your home
  • Get a great image quality with the 7500 lumens in high resolution
  • A cheaper alternative for those looking for an inexpensive but high-quality product

 Which Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Projectors 

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before purchasing a projector. One of the most important factors is brightness. Down here I am going to discuss which things to focus on and how they are affecting our experience of using projectors.

 Where To Set Up 

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a projector is where you will be setting it up. If you’re using it for business presentations, you’ll need to set it up in a room with a screen. If you’re using it for home theatre, you’ll need to set it up in a room with a dark wall. And if you’re using it for gaming, you’ll need to set it up in a room with enough space for you to move around. Keep these things in mind when making your purchase so that you can get the best possible experience.

It’s important that you choose the right type of screen when buying a projector. It all depends on what you’re projecting and where you’re projecting it. Projector screens come in matte finish (which has anti-glare properties) and high gain (which has reflective properties).

 Screen Dimensions 

Screen dimensions size is measured diagonally and is most often found in inches. The height can also be included as an important factor. The larger the screen, the more likely it will be expensive and give a better image.

Sometimes we need to worry about the size of the room we’re going to project our movie onto. There’s a way to calculate how large of a screen you need: Multiply the width and height by 0.87 (or divide by 2). You will then know how much wall space you’ll need.

Don’t forget that if you want your projector to work well with lights on, you should use a brighter light bulb than normal because projection light bulbs only last 2000 hours max.

 Buying Guides For Buying Projector Under 100$ 

To find the best projector under $100, you should consider the size of the screen. For the best viewing experience, look for a model with high pixel resolution. Check out our Buying Guide in order to find more about these factors in depth.

 Technology of projection 

Projectors use a technology called projection to create an image on a screen. This technology uses a light source to project an image onto a screen. The light is then reflected off of the screen and into your eyes. This creates the illusion of a three-dimensional image.

That includes DLP, Laser, LED and LCD types. They are all different and provide different image types with different price points. There are three main components to a projector: the light source, the optics, and the projection screen. The light source is usually an LED or laser, the optics magnify and focus the image, and the projection screen reflects the image back to your eyes.


It’s important to note that the quality of the image is directly related to the resolution. Higher resolutions tend to show better images because they display more detail. For example, if you have a TV with 720×540 resolution, it will be able to display 756,800 pixels total. The higher amount of pixels will capture more details in images and videos which provide for an improved viewing experience overall. What’s great about high-resolution projectors is that you’re able to watch movies in 1080p or 4K definition! 4K projectors are perfect for playing games because there will be almost no screen tearing or input delay”.


Brightness is an important factor to consider when buying a projector. A projector with a high brightness level will be able to project an image in a room with brighter light. This is important if you plan to use the projector in a room with lights on. Keep in mind that a higher brightness level also means that the projector will use more power and have a shorter life span.

 Contrast Ratio and Colour 

Video Projector screens come in matte finish (which has anti-glare properties) and high gain (which has reflective properties). Matte screens display better images than high gain because it prevents glare, while high gain displays an image better when there are other light sources.

The Contrast Ratio is the ratio of white to black. The higher the contrast ratio, the more life-like colours appear on your screen. A good contrast ratio should be over 1000:1 for best projection.

 Throw Ratio 

The throw ratio is the distance from the projector to the screen divided by the width of the screen. This number is important because it tells you how large of a screen you can project at a given distance. For example, if you have a projector with a throw ratio of 2.0, that means you can project a screen that is twice as wide as the distance from the projector to the screen.

 Screen Size 

Screen size is an important factor to consider when buying a projector. A projector with a large screen size will be able to project an image in a room with a large viewing area. This is important if you plan to use the projector in a room with lots of people. Keep in mind that a larger screen size also means that the projector will be heavier and more expensive.


The importance of portability cannot be overstated. The majority of projectors have a built-in battery, minimising the number of cables you have to connect to an outlet. This means that the projector is more mobile and easier to carry. There are a few different models that allow for a wireless connection as well as a physical cord, allowing you to use the projector without being plugged in at all times.

 Frequently Asked Question 

 How much does the average projector cost? 

Generally, a projector is somewhere from 50 to 1000s. It really depends on the type of projector you’re looking at and the product’s features.

 Is a projector better than a TV? 

That all depends on how you look at it. Generally, projectors will provide a larger image which is great for watching movies and playing video games. TVs provide access to more channels and other entertainment options that may not be available with a projector.

 Do I need anything special in order to use a projector? 

In most cases, no. A projector will work with any device that has an HDMI output, such as a laptop, desktop, or gaming console. Some projectors may require a specific type of cable in order to function, so be sure to check the product’s specifications before making your purchase.

 What is the Contrast Ratio? 

The contrast ratio is the ratio of white to black. A good contrast ratio should be over 1000:1 for best projection.

 What are projectors used for? 

Projectors can be used in many different ways, depending on the type you purchase. Home users may use it to beam Netflix onto a wall or play video games with friends.

 What are the pros and cons of cheap projectors? 

As you may have guessed, the biggest pro of cheaper projectors is their price. Projectors in this range can be much more affordable than ones in a higher price point. The main con to cheaper projectors is the quality of their screen. Projectors in this category tend to have screens with lower contrast ratios and lower colour gamut which can lead to a not-so-sharp picture. Generally, the cheaper the projector, the less reliable it will be over time.


Best Projectors Under $100 – Expert’s Recommendations: After a lot of search and research on projectors, I have come up with three best projectors that you can buy under 100$. These projectors are not just cheap but also offer great features. So without any further delay let’s get started! The first projector is the DBPOWER T20 LCD Mini Projector. This is one of the most popular and affordable projectors available in the market. It has an LED light source with a life of around 20,000 hours.

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